I’m not just some pretty designs and fancy code, you know. I’m way deeper than that.

I’m just a regular guy with a lovely wife, a cute dog, and an old house. I have a pretty large garden, with which I pretend that I could survive a zombie apocalypse. I like to camp, I like to build stuff. I also wear a Cubs baseball cap when I’m not at work.

  • I’m married to the wonderful Aimée Miller.
  • I have a pretty awesome dog, Buster.
  • I go camping as often as possible.
  • I’ve got a 380 square foot vegetable garden.
  • I probably drink way too much coffee.
  • I grow a glorious handlebar moustache.
  • I do talks on web development and design.
  • I volunteer with the New Orleans Ad Club and the National WWII Museum PT 305 restoration.
  • I’m a pretty swell guy.

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